suddenly i'm famous
and people know my name

over here!
Came out bloody 15 years ago on 7th july and amazingly doctors says i'm an adorable baby with all that blood stuck on me. slogged through my life for almost everything,and starting to slog even more. but its alright,i'll learn what's life in time to come(;

wail your thoughts out
like the little kids on streets

i don't know for sure
where this is going

2e1 09:D
Darren chua
Daryl wong
Small gerald
Wei ming
darren sim
pei hung

don't promise me forever
just love me day by day

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My 2010. (Friday, December 31, 2010 / 11:25 AM)

my mind's stuck with all the crap i was about to say.oh yes, now i remember. it's 31st Dec-VANEH'S 15TH! happy birthday girl. :D (i bet you'll never see this vaneh,hah!)

okay,back to topic.i woke up this morning at 9 looking at the calender. i was like oh this how i'm gonna spend my last day? slacking at home, using the com, digging my head into piles of books? whatever.

so i decided to keep my day more meaningful by sumarising the entire 2010 in this small little post.

Jan 2010

our 14th batch of Advance NCOC passed out together as sergeants. how memorable. seriously miss those guys. how could i forget those horny days we spent together?

Feb 2010

it's either nothing much happened that month or i cant remember anything. oh well.. AH. maybe i was just mugging the entire month.

March 2010

okay,maybe i remember a little. we had SJAB camp.super slack year they'll all be doomed. HAH.

April 2010

April fool's was freak fun. we "overturned" the class to face the noticeboard instead,and the 3e1 sign was blue-tagged at the back door.hah!

then we had our FAC( first aid competition) in HQ.

May 2010

our SA1 results were released. i just dont like it when i can only score in CAs when i totally fail in SAs ._.

i guess we had a class or a cohort outing to the science centre and some past s'pore exhibition. i still remember occupying the whole back seat in the bus and i think we girls got the guys hopping mad. :D

then it was the last few days of school when a few of us went to Victoria JC for Youth Sports Conference. trust me,it was na whole lot of maadness and crazy-ness! it was superb man. and my dream come true! i took horse riding as our last day was total shiok-ness!i even saw 2 horses trying to mate.the female one from japan's so obvious lor!it totally has BANGS.

made quite a friends there,they were all so damn cool lor.

June 2010

went to South Korea with school. really had fun there. i miss the udon!it's yum! and yeah,you cant help it but missing the times there.and i found my favourite channel there-channel 36.

July 2010

This year's july marked canberra's 10th year anniversary.

August 2010

August was an "exam month" so i guess i was busy flipping books and scribbling notes. Nothing much happened. or maybe i cant remember anything. My memory's dumping away un-important stuffs away.

October 2010

went for SJAB annual presentation. ate 8 course meal.muah!

last few days of school for 2010 was packed with open house.

November 2010

the first few weeks were no different from hell.IT WAS SUPER DUPER BORING OKAY. but then i some how found some stuff to mingle around with. so maybe life's not that sad afterall.

December 2010

my dear NCOs and i went to this year's NCO campfire. had great fun with them as always. hiy,those good old days.. then i'll rewind and think, actually those therapy bullshit from the officers were quite sensible though.

Had flag day 2 days ago. i just cant understand s'poreans. when they donate and get a sticker, they'll paste it on their body where you cant see.after you approached them for some donation, they'll just shoot out their index finger and point proudly at their sticker." i donate liao."

shit. cant they just donate another time? it's like they're praising themselves for donating.but next moment they just refused to donate once more. how contradicting. and they donate only like 20 cents?-.-

i swear if one day they're the ones asking for donation i'll take out my wallet then just walk pass them.HAHAH.

okay,guess that rounds up my entire 2010! i realised i had so much fun this year.i'm gonna set a higher standard next year!my new year's resolution is to study real hard for o's and dont make the same regret again! hah!

i'm gonna make 2011 AWESOME AND people just watch me,i'm sooo gonna fly.

it's snowing time (Monday, December 27, 2010 / 5:31 PM)

Oh Man.

i didn't know christmas is a 12 day celebration until a yesterday. i always thought it falls only on 25th December and last only for a day. Now that i know, i kinda regretted feeling damn disappointed for 14 years when i didn't receive christmas presents on 25th December every year, and i think i got even more disappointed when someone gives me x'mas present after the 25th. oh man.i'm so sorry to them. Great job stacy.

Now comes the boring part. so sorry for not updating! i've been freaking busy over SJAB stuffs and many more. this is totally not an excuse! i'm just being honest. so yeah, i've been wrapping presents for x'mas. frankly speaking, i like receiving gifts instead of wrapping gifts. i prefer taking,hah! Well, who dont seriously? those who say wrapping, CONFIRM LYING.

so i spend my christmas eve giving presents, and going bonkers with bryna at hardcourt singing x'mas songs cos we wanted to feel the "christmas atmosphere".

ps: loads of thanks kheng for the piglet!the hoodie it's wearing is super adorable. green somemore!

(Tuesday, November 23, 2010 / 1:42 PM)

i was always forgiving you
till i forgot 'bout being selfish
i try so hard each time
to not get personal

But will you ever think selflessly
and let thy be selfish,
for once?

(Thursday, November 11, 2010 / 5:43 PM)


even jokes cant make me laugh, god damn.if there's a game to see who'll die first due to extreme boredom and if you're telling me you 're obviously the winner of this boredom game,well,you're talking to my tomb._.

hiy. when ppl get bored.that's bcos they miss the things they do in school or they realise how great studying have become in their life.well,, i dont miss school, and i still remain as bored as ever.okay,is there any link in what i'm saying?


(Monday, October 18, 2010 / 8:56 PM)

hey world out there(:

okay,i can officially announce EOY is OVER! god dammit happy man,hahahah.
but i know our 2 months holiday confirm are doomed with loads of preparation for sec 4 stuffs.ohhhhhhh god.

okay,anyways,went to swissotel on last last sunday i think(it's in the menu below if you really squint your eyes to see..) i thought it would be some buffet lunch.but it was an 8 COURSE LUNCH! oh man! totally mouth-watering!the food was HEAVEN.teehee!

oh yeah,i forgot.i love the blue roses.they look beautiful (:

Aren't they gorgeous!

my lovely 2010 FAC team(:

saw that bunch of blue roses in my hand previously?i brought them home(like a much bigger bunch due to losing control of my temptation). and my cat totally live up to the standards of cats to be so damn curious.she practically steal my roses away,trying to stuff those big petals into her freaking small stomach._.

i didn't know the white flower was real until it withered..

PICTURE OF THE DAY(drums roll please) :

she bai pose-d for me(;